Tulips and flowers for export and wholesale

Large horticulture in Gl. Sunds

Tulips and other types of flowers for businesses

We have 1000 sqm. cold greenhouses where we grow tulips in zinc buckets.
The majority of our tulips are made multicolored, but on request we are happy to make them in the colors the customer wants, however min. 1 CC pr. color.

Every year in July, we go to Holland and select bulbs for next season’s production.
The bulbs are selected to fit in colors and sizes for zinc buckets. There are never 2 years that are exactly the same, so there will always be new variations from year to year.

We go for the highest quality when we buy bulbs, and we go for the highest quality when we grow the tulips, so our customers are sure to get a product in the best possible quality.